About Dark Heart The Musical

Book, Music and Lyrics by Jessica Avellino

Directed by Paul Andrew Perez

Musical Direction by Steven Loftus

Our show takes place in the broken psyche of Emma Black, who after suffering the death of her sister in an accident, has been unable to deal with the guilt of her sister’s death. Emma tries to kill herself and is committed to Westlake Hospital by her Father.

Upon arrival to Westlake Hospital, Emma is uncommunicative. She is met and begins treatment with Dr. Samantha Evans. Meanwhile, Emma’s mind creates a fantasy where she is back in school and she is trying to unsuccessfully deal with her sister’s death. She even manifest’s a vision of her dead sister Alise, who haunts her. As Dr. Evans continues to work with Emma to get at her guilt, her visions become stronger and more real.

Emma decides that she can no longer deal with her visions and her guilt and is determined to end her life. She is confronted by another vision of her Sister. This one, instead of being fueled by guilt, is all about love.

Emma must choose how to move forth.